New Hampshire’s Best Medicare Advantage Plans

Quality coverage is closer than you think! Explore top-rated Medicare Advantage plans from Martin’s Point.

Medicare with More

Medicare Advantage plans come with more of the benefits you’re looking for, giving you broader coverage than Original Medicare. These plans include coverage for hospital stays (Medicare Part A) and doctor visits (Medicare Part B). Many Medicare Advantage plans also include Part D Prescription Drug coverage—something Original Medicare does not provide—and extras like fitness and vision benefits that can help you live healthier.

Top-Rated Medicare Advantage Plans for New Hampshire Residents

At Martin’s Point, we know you’re looking for plans that meet your precise needs and budget. That’s why we offer several Generations Advantage plans, all designed for New Hampshire residents like you.

Our top-rated plans have earned Medicare’s highest quality ratings, 5 Stars, including outstanding customer service and consistently positive reviews from our customers. Great service is just the start. Our plans also come with a long list of the benefits you care about and may not get with Original Medicare, from coverage for doctor and hospital visits and prescription drugs, to reimbursements for eyewear, and much more. Our most popular plan even includes comprehensive dental coverage.

Explore our plans now and see how easy it is to find the right plan for you!

Find the Right Plan for You

More Choice, More Coverage

Your needs are different from your neighbor’s. That’s why, at Martin’s Point, we offer a variety of Medicare Advantage plans for New Hampshire residents. Our Generation Advantage plans give you more of the coverage beyond Original Medicare that you’re looking for—like prescription drug benefits—all in one plan.

All Martin’s Point Generations Advantage plans include coverage for: 

  • Doctor and hospital visits
  • $0 In-network preventive screenings/care 
  • No medical/hospital deductibles
  • $0 In-network annual physical exam and wellness visit
  • Annual out-of-pocket maximum
  • Worldwide urgent and emergency care
  • $0 In-network routine vision exam
  • Hearing aids and batteries
  • Over-the-counter items
  • Wellness Wallet reimbursements including:
    • Eyewear and contact lenses
    • Nutrition, dietary, and weight management
    • Acupuncture and naturopathic services 
    • Fitness services and equipment
    • Face masks


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New to Medicare? Explore Your Options Now

If you live in New Hampshire and your 65th birthday is approaching, now’s the time to learn about your Medicare options and important dates and deadlines. 
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