TRICARE Prime® is Available in the Northern Pennsylvania Area!

The Martin's Point US Family Health Plan is a unique TRICARE Prime health plan that provides comprehensive coverage for active-duty family members, and retirees and their family members.

The plan provides all the comprehensive medical, hospital, and prescription drug coverage your family gets through TRICARE, plus extra discounts and services not offered on other TRICARE Prime options—including discounts on eyewear, hearing aids, alternative medical therapies, free maternity program, easy referrals to specialists, outstanding customer service and more!

Where can my family get their health care?

Use our network of local civilian doctors and hospitals in your area!

We’re giving more beneficiaries in Pennsylvania access to health care savings they’ve earned through military service. Our expanding network of civilian doctors and hospitals now includes University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Allegheny Health Network, with more health systems being added!

How much does the US Family Health Plan cost?

  • For active-duty family members, there are no enrollment fees, deductibles, or cost shares for any of your in-network medical services.
  • For retirees and family members, there are low enrollment fees and copays for any of your in-network medical services.
  • Through the Martin’s Point Mail-Order Pharmacy, generic drugs cost $12 brand-name drugs cost $34, and nonformulary drugs cost $68 for up to a 90-day supply. Retail pharmacy prescriptions costs $14 for generics, $38 for brand names, and $68 for nonformulary medications for up to a 30-day supply. These prices could change annually.  

Specialist referrals are easy and hassle-free. If needed, your PCP will simply refer you to an in-network specialist.

How do I enroll?

Call one of our Health Benefit Specialists in your area:

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TRICARE Prime Benefits!

The US Family Health Plan pairs all your TRICARE Prime benefits, including prescription drugs, with the convenience of a wide network of local civilian doctors to receive high-quality, low-cost health care. Plus, you'll get additional services and discounts not available in other TRICARE(r) plans.

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