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During these challenging times, it’s comforting to know that all of us at the US Family Health Plan are here for you. We understand that families are dealing with many concerns during the current coronavirus outbreak. We want to make sure your health coverage isn’t one of them.

Helping You Understand Your Benefits during the COVID-19 Outbreak

TRICARE® covers COVID-19 vaccines for members of the US Family Health Plan. For information on the distribution and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit your state's CDC website. As a TRICARE Prime® plan, the US Family Health Plan follows TRICARE benefits for COVID-19-related services. Below, you’ll find a link to information that will help you understand how your US Family Health Plan covers health care services during this time.

For the most up-to-date information, go to 

You will find answers to these questions and more:

  • Can I just show up at any testing site to be tested for COVID-19?
  • How much does the test cost?
  • What, if any, copayments will be waived related to COVID-19 treatment and testing? How does this apply to active duty, reserve component, and retirees?
  • Will pharmacy refill restrictions be waived so we can get prescriptions filled sooner?

TRICARE® Telehealth Benefit

As a reminder, TRICARE has recently expanded their telehealth benefit to make it easier for you to get health care during the COVID-19 outbreak. Telehealth services are health care services you receive remotely, over the phone or through a computer. When appropriate, they can take the place of in-person visits with your provider.

As a TRICARE Prime® plan, the US Family Health Plan follows TRICARE benefits for COVID-19-related services. You can find out more about this benefit by visiting the TRICARE Telehealth webpage. 
Some highlights to remember about the TRICARE telehealth benefit changes:

  1. These changes are temporary (in effect for the duration of the stateside public health emergency). 
  2. The benefit applies to telehealth services from in-network providers only. Please contact us if you are unable to access an in-network provider as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency. 
  3. Audio (voice)-only telehealth visits are now covered. No out-of-pocket costs for all covered telehealth services (not just COVID-19-related). 
  4. Interstate services are now eligible. For covered telehealth services, providers are not required to have a license both in the state where they practice and the state where the patient lives. (The care must be permitted by federal or state licensing laws.) 


Telehealth for Mental Health

Taking care of our mental health is especially important now, given the added stresses that the COVID-19 pandemic may be causing. If you or a covered family member needs mental health support, you may not have to schedule an in-person visit with a provider. TRICARE’s telehealth benefit also includes otherwise-covered mental health services. 
Telehealth options include:
• Telemental health services, including individual psychotherapy, crisis management, family therapy, or group therapy
• Medication assisted treatment (only available during the coronavirus pandemic)
• Opioid treatment programs (only available during the coronavirus pandemic)
• Intensive outpatient programs (only available during the coronavirus pandemic), which include medication management, case management, recreational therapy, occupational therapy, and discharge planning 

Be sure to talk to your provider if you have questions about telehealth services. You may first need an authorization or referral. Call Member Services for help. Learn more about TRICARE’s telehealth mental health benefits. 

If you have questions about your coverage, don’t hesitate to contact Member Services at 1-888-674-8734. We’re here for you!