US Family Health Plan eNews Issue 4 2020

Fight the Flu! It’s Time for Your Flu Shot!

Mother and daughter with mask about to receive a vaccination.

This year, it is especially important to stay as healthy as possible through the upcoming flu season—and that means making sure you get a timely flu shot. Click here to learn more!

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If Something Sounds Too Good to Be True…Talk with Your PCP!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the new medications and supplements promoted on TV or through social media. While there are exciting advances in medicine every year, it’s important to always reach out to your primary care provider (PCP) before making a change to your health regimen. The two of you can discuss your personal health and whether a new medication or supplement you’ve heard about is safe and right for you.

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Financial Help for Active-Duty Family Members with Special Needs: ECHO Program

TRICARE® Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) provides active-duty military families with financial help for beneficiaries who are diagnosed with moderate to severe intellectual disability, physical disabilities, or extraordinary physical or psychological disorders.

  • Members who qualify for ECHO are provided up to $36,000 per year to support services not covered by the basic TRICARE military health care program.
  • To be eligible for ECHO, military sponsors must be active duty, enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and register for ECHO with their regional contractor.
  • ECHO specialists in the Martin’s Point Health Management department help beneficiaries with enrolling in ECHO, getting access to care, locating providers, and using their benefit. Martin’s Point currently has 18 enrolled ECHO members and we continue to expand our resources to support the needs of our members.
  • The Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration covers applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for children with autism. To received ABA therapy, the member must enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and register in the Extended Care Health Option (ECHO).
  • To be covered by the ECHO program, all programs and supplies must be evidence based and all services require an authorization. One common request for ECHO members is for weighted blankets. At this time, weighted blankets are not a covered benefit. An example of a covered item would be medically necessary adaptive equipment. 

For questions about ECHO at Martin’s Point Health Care, contact our Health Management department at 877-659-2403.

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Keep Your Child Safe with a Flu Shot and Vaccinations!

With the COVID-19 pandemic still active in our community, it’s especially important to keep your child as healthy as possible as they start the new school year. Along with all the regular COVID precautions, there are TWO key things you can do to support your child’s best health this fall:

  1. Make sure your child gets a seasonal flu shot as soon as it becomes available.
    Remember that when your child is vaccinated against flu, it not only protects their health, but it also adds a layer of protection for your family, their classmates and school staff, and our greater community.
  2. Keep your child’s regular immunizations up to date.
    If you have delayed important vaccine visits, your child could be at increased risk for potentially dangerous diseases from chicken pox to meningitis. Now is the time to schedule a visit to catch up. 

CDC Vaccine Information: For information about getting routine vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, including recommended vaccine schedules for ages birth to 18 years, click here.

You can also find information at