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Before submitting any claims, all participating providers must report their National Provider Indicator (NPI) number using our Provider Change Form. The form may be faxed to 1-207-828-7870, emailed to ProviderChanges@MartinsPoint.org, or mailed to: Martin’s Point Health Care Network Management Department, PO Box 9746, Portland, ME 04104-9882

Please do not fax Request for Claim Adjustment/Reconsideration Forms. Please mail these forms to: Martin’s Point Claims Department, PO Box 11410, Portland, Maine 04104-7410

Generations Advantage payment policies are generally consistent with Medicare. For more information about Medicare coverage and reimbursement rules, please visit the Medicare Learning Network.

US Family Health plan payment policies are generally consistent with TRICARE®. For more information, please visit the Code of Federal Regulations.

Electronic Claims

Electronic claim submission allows for quicker processing and payments. We offer three Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) options. Each offers excellent customer service and will work with you directly to help you enroll.

Emdeon Business Services
• Call 1-800-845-6592 to enroll
• Martin’s Point Health Care Payor ID: 53275 

Office Ally 
• Call 1-866-575-4120 and select option 3 to enroll, or;
• Martin’s Point Health Care Payor ID: MPHC1 

Relay Health, a division of McKesson Technologies
• New users should call 1-866-735-2963 to enroll
• Current users should call 1-800-527-8133 to add Martin’s Point Health Care
• Martin’s Point Health Care Payor ID: MPHC2


Paper Claims

Paper claims may be mailed to:

Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan Claims Department
PO Box 11410
Portland, Maine 04104-7410

Martin’s Point Generations Advantage Claims Department
PO Box 11410
Portland, Maine 04104-7410 

Check Claim Status (Sign-In Required)

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Not yet registered? Martin's Point offers a web-based portal for providers to check the status of claims, preauthorization requests and member eligibilitly. To use this tool, you must first obtain a username for the Martin's Point single sign-on system. For more information, please view our Registration Instructions PDF.

Provider Manual: Claims

For more information on claims policies and procedures, please review that section of our Provider Manual.

Claims Contact Information
Questions? Please call 1-888-732-7364.