New Scholarship Recognizes Young Volunteers

Posted 3/11/2021

In 2016, when Zoe Siegel and Parker Harnett were in eighth grade, they helped their local club soccer team donate a new field for the Boys and Girls Club at Sagamore Village in Portland. Now as high school seniors, they’re introducing a new scholarship designed to energize more Maine students to get involved and give back.

Sponsored by Martin’s Point Health Care, the How to Help in Maine Community Outreach Scholarship will award $1,500 to two Maine high school students this spring, on behalf of Zoe and Parker’s organization, How to Help in Maine.

Their mission: To give students of all ages a central place to find out where they can volunteer and how to donate goods and funds, all over the state.  “There are so many students in Maine that make a difference,” says Parker. “We want to recognize them and encourage more volunteering, because students have the power to create change.”

Even small contributions add up

“Volunteering is more than fulfilling a requirement,” says Parker. “We want students to know it can be fun, that there are things you can do that match your interests — and that you don’t have to set out to change the world.” 

As dedicated volunteers, these girls know what they’re talking about. Zoe launched Creative Corner, a writing program for 8- to 12-year-olds in Portland that’s been going strong for over three years. Parker helps care for cats at the Midcoast Humane Society in Brunswick. Both have helped coached young athletes. They launched the How to Help in Maine website in January 2019.

Tell a high school student today

“With the pandemic, this past year has been a challenge for volunteering,” acknowledges Zoe. “We understand that — and we want to encourage anyone who has volunteered to apply for this scholarship, even if your efforts were disrupted this year.”

To learn more and find an application, visit or send questions to [email protected]. Meanwhile, spread the word, and help us recognize the important contributions young people are making for communities, all over Maine.