Back to School Part 3: Time Savers

September 25, 2018

Sometime between the OJ flash flood on the kitchen counter and the frantic search for last night’s math homework, morning calm slips into morning chaos. Sound familiar? Take heart. Getting out the door smoothly often feels like mission impossible for a lot of families, no matter how good our intentions. But it may be that all you need to make mornings smoother are a few simple strategies.


1 | Get your kids to bed on time.

What does last night have to do with today? A rested kid wakes up with less fuss and is better prepared to zip through morning routines, well, routinely. To be well-rested, your school-age child needs 9 to 12 hours of sleep every day; your teen needs 8 to 10.

“While it may be difficult to stick to a new school schedule, ensuring that children get the sleep they need is essential to learning and growth,” says Torah Tomasi, M.D., a pediatrician with Martin’s Point Health Care. “I can’t emphasize the importance of setting a regular wind-down routine and bedtime enough.”

Freshen up on healthy sleep habits HERE.


2 | Get yourself to bed on time.

Adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to keep a lid on stress, maintain a decent mood and function at full capacity. As tempting as it can be to relish your downtime at the end of the evening, do yourself a favor. Skip the extra episode of Ozark and turn in.


3 | Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual.

You’ll be amazed the difference it makes to unload the dishwasher and get yourself ready for the day before it’s time for everyone else to get up. You’ll feel calmer. You’ll be able to focus on what your kids need. And when a mini-crisis pops up, you can take it in stride.

4| Prep breakfast and lunch the night before.

Plan a healthy breakfast and stage everything you can. Making scrambled eggs? Crack, beat, and store the eggs in an airtight container in the fridge, and set the pan on the stove. Pre-slice and refrigerate a cantaloupe or strawberries. Put whole wheat bread and plates by the toaster. Set up the coffee maker.

Make your kids’ lunches – or have them make them – and stow them in the fridge. At the very least, set out lunch boxes and pack non-perishables like apples, dried fruit and nuts. Then place a cutting board and bread so it’s easy to make sandwiches and pop in other items that need refrigeration – like yogurt, cheese and cold packs – in the morning.


5 | Pack the night before.

Help kids create and follow a get-ready-for-school checklist to pack their school bags ahead and avoid last-minute scrambles. They may need help thinking about the next day – do they need a musical instrument for band or sneakers for gym class? Then set their backpacks by the door, ready to grab and go.

If you’re heading out the door along with your child, pack your belongings – laptop, water bottle, workout gear, phone, sunglasses, etc., and set your bag by the door. Establish one place for your car keys – maybe a hook or shelf near the door – and make sure they’re in place.


6 | Plan outfits and set out clothes.

Anyone can get bogged down by having to decide what to wear under time pressure. That’s easy to dodge by having each family member set out everything they will wear the next day. “Asking kids to learn to take care of themselves on a schedule – preparing clothes, school supplies and more the night before – is a perfect way to teach responsibility,” adds Tomasi.

Give these tips a try! Your self-discipline and preparation are sure to pay off in more smiles and calmer send offs – for both you and your child.

Back-to-school tip: Are you child’s immunizations up-to-date? Has he or she had a physical exam in the last 12 months? Get your child’s school year off to a healthy start with a visit to the Martin’s Point Health Care pediatric team. Learn more and give us a call today.