Farley Fighters Join Forces with Community to Combat Cancer

July 6, 2018

It was no surprise to anyone familiar with the cancer-busting efforts of the “Farley Fighters” that they recently won the inaugural George Campbell Community Impact Award at Martin’s Point Health Care. Recognized for their long-term, targeted commitment to fighting cancer, this core group of staff at the Martin’s Point Brunswick–Farley Road Health Care Center have united with their fellow employees, patients, and local nonprofits to make a difference in the health of our community.

It all started fourteen years ago, when a small team at the Brunswick–Farley Road Health Care Center took part in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Over the next few years, support for the annual walk grew and the group wanted to do more for their cause by raising awareness and encouraging voluntary giving throughout the year. The suggestion of monthly site-wide fundraising was proposed, and the group created a branded identity for their cancer-fighting efforts—the “Farley Fighters” were born.

Over the years, the Farley Fighters have rallied around the common cause of cancer prevention, education and treatment—engaging their fellow employees, patients, and aligned community non-profits in their fundraising efforts. Prompted by their coworkers’ suggestions, they coordinate monthly fund-raising activities like Valentine’s Day bake sales, silent auctions for donated gift baskets, employee breakfasts served by site leadership, barbecues, and multi-themed pot lucks.

It is not expected that everyone will donate for each activity, but, as Farley Fighter Sandra Hart attests, “…we all take part in some way. It may be baking for a sale, grilling at our BBQ, selling chances for a fundraiser, walking in the Walk, or dyeing their hair pink.” She adds that “it feels good to take part [in these activities]. The fundraising goes towards an important cause, but it also is an excuse to get together as a team and have fun together.” The result is that employees don’t ask, “Are we doing this again?” but, instead, ask “What can we do next?”

As Martin’s Point patients took notice of the Farley Fighters t-shirts that staff wear at site activities and on Fridays, they began asking how they could join in to support the effort. Today the team takes pride that, without making any direct requests, patients have offered their own donations— both financial and culinary—to the cause.

While formal records have not been tracked, the Fighters estimate that, between fund-raisers and walk donations, they have raised nearly $20,000 since 2004. This sustained and impactful commitment to the fight against cancer is proof of the power of inspired and engaged Martin’s Point employees. Congratulations to the Farley Fighters for bringing to life both our motto—we are people caring for people—and our mission to improve the health of our community.