Keeping Your Body and Your Brain Active

Adjusting to the New Normal

As challenging as it can be to stay home and keep six feet or more apart from anyone outside of your household, it’s the right thing to do to prevent the spread of covid-19. If you’re starting to climb the walls, we hope these suggestions bring some relief.

Get out of dodge, virtually. If you have Internet access, the world is still your oyster. Some of our favorites:

African safari. Cool footage of lion families, bathing elephants, graceful giraffes, playful monkeys, stealthy hyenas, and more.

Wonder wall. Remarkable panoramic views of the massive Great Wall of China, which stretches a mind-boggling 3,000 miles. 

Art walk. A virtual tour of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris that brings master works by Cezanne, Renoir, Van Gogh to your living room, courtesy of Google Arts & Culture.

Get your game on. It’s entertaining – and good for both brain and body.

Get out. Fresh air is an unbeatable elixir. If you have a yard or other space where you can stay safely distanced – that’s 6 feet or more from people who don’t share your home – go throw or kick a ball. Play tag. Otherwise, get on your bike. Go fishing. Take a walk. Sidewalks are still open, as are many trails at smaller preserves and conservation spaces. Search for locations, and keep in mind this site may not have the latest information on access. Please, do your part by heeding all posted signs.

Expand your board game. When you get tired of conventional games, connect with family or friends via a digital platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts. It adds a whole new dimension to games like Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble.

Take the time to bake. Pull out that recipe book or go online to find something fun to bake. Try something new, involve the kids, or bring back some memories with an old family favorite.

Relive the best of the best. Missing live sports? Relive celebrated moments in football, hoops, hockey, and more with this 28-minute compilation.

Reach out. Everyone needs social connection. And aside from Facetime and the like, it’s the next best thing to being there.

Make a call. Once a day, ring up a friend or relative you haven’t talked with lately. It’s comforting for both of you, and it can be a great distraction to revisit happy times and fond memories you’ve shared in the past.

Write letters. It’s a terrific lift to get something in your mailbox that’s not a bill or an advertisement. Make someone’s day by sending something – even a brief hello – the old-fashioned way. Check out the TouchNote app for your phone and send personalized postcards without leaving your couch.

Craft some cards. Grab whatever you have around – magazines, catalogs, stickers, paper scraps, gift wrap – and make your own. It gives your creative brain something to chew on, as well as a treat for friends, neighbors and relatives.

Got a great way to help fill a long day at home? Add your comments below. And stay safe, everyone.