Laboratory Services at Martin's Point. 

Keep track of your health with our quick and easy laboratory services.

As a Martin’s Point patient, you can go to any of our Health Care Center locations to get your lab work done.

Getting a Lab Test at Martin’s Point

Lab tests are done to diagnose medical conditions, for health screening, and to monitor treatment or the status of a disease.

As a Martin’s Point patient, you can go to any of our locations to get your lab work done. All lab services are by appointment during the lab hours of the location.

How Lab Services Work

The labs are owned and operated by Martin’s Point, so it is a quick and easy process for your doctor to order your lab work and get your results back, which means less waiting for you. 

Most lab tests are processed in house and can be completed in 24 hours. Those tests not performed in house are sent to Quest Laboratories.

How to Prepare for Lab Work

Many common blood tests are performed on fasting specimens. Your doctor will let you know if your test requires you to fast. If you are unsure, please ask.

If you are having fasting blood work, you should not consume anything except water, black coffee, or tea for the 12 hours prior to your blood draw. The more water you drink the better.

You may still take the medications you typically take in the morning, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Additional Resources 

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