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When you choose a Martin’s Point pediatrician, you get a trusted and caring partner who will be there to support you and your child on every step of their health care journey. 

Welcoming New Patients

These pediatrics providers are currently welcoming new patients in the greater Brunswick area.

Sarah Sedney, MD
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Nubia Calabi, MD
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John Sommer, MD
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Primary Care You Can Trust

Pediatrics is primary care for infants, children, and adolescents. Your Martin’s Point pediatrician can help you and your child with all aspects of health, from prevention to treatment of injuries, to diagnosing and treating illnesses. Our pediatricians are board-certified, so you can trust in the quality of the care your child receives.

  • Pediatric Services
  • Well child/adolescent care
  • Urgent care
  • Adolescent gynecological care
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Pediatric mental health
  • Care for children and adolescents who have complicated medical health issues

Our pediatricians work closely with local hospitals for patients who need inpatient or outpatient services, so our patients get the care they need in an integrated and well-coordinated way.

Our Commitment to High-Quality Pediatric Care

At Martin’s Point, we know that the quality of care your child receives is a top priority for you. And it is for us, too. That’s why all Martin’s Point pediatrics physicians are board certified in pediatric medicine and active members of the American Academy of Pediatrics. To stay up to date with current pediatric medical practices, they attend continuing medical education courses and conferences.

Pediatrics vs. Family or Internal Medicine

When it comes to primary care, Martin’s Point offers a variety of options so you can choose a provider (or providers) that fit your family’s needs and preferences. Our pediatricians specialize in primary care tailored toward the unique health care needs of children—from infancy through adolescence. Once a child reaches the upper teens, their care with a pediatrician normally ends. At that point, they begin receiving their primary care from a family medicine provider (treating patients of all ages) or an internal medicine provider (treating adult patients only). At Martin’s Point, we offer all three options, so you have the widest choice!

At Martin’s Point, our pediatrics providers truly believe that every child deserves the best health care. And kids (and their parents) can feel the difference.


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