Patient Rights & Responsibilities

At Martin’s Point, we want to ensure you receive the best-possible care and have a great experience every time you come to our office. We want you to leave your doctors' visits feeling confident and in control of your health care.

Thank you for trusting Martin’s Point as your health care partner.

Patient Rights

As a Martin’s Point Health Care patient, you and your family have the right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care, with recognition of your personal dignity
  • Access all of the health care services we provide, consistent with available resources and accepted standards of care
  • Refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law; and to be informed of any alternative treatments and the complications, risks, and/or benefits of alternative treatments or of accepting or refusing a course of treatment
  • Privacy and confidentiality concerning your medical care and records, to the extent permitted by law
  • Authorize or refuse to authorize the release of your health care information, except when release is required by law
  • Know the identity and professional status of the health care provider responsible for managing your care
  • Participate in decisions about your health care
  • An easily understandable explanation of the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of your illness
  • Participate or refuse to participate in experimental research and to receive adequate information before making a decision regarding any offered experimental or research-level treatments or procedures
  • Receive care in a safe environment
  • Be informed of the facility’s rules and regulations that relate to patient and visitor conduct
  • Be informed of the patient grievance system and to report grievances, recommendations, or concerns to a Practice Administrator or Manager

Patient Responsibilities

As a Martin’s Point Health Care patient, you and your family are responsible for:

  • Providing accurate and complete information regarding your medical history so we can provide you with appropriate care
  • Providing accurate and complete information about your health insurance so we can coordinate your care with your health plan
  • Being considerate of the rights of other patients and staff
  • Being respectful of other people’s property
  • Complying with the medical plan, including follow-up care, agreed upon by you and your provider
  • Letting your provider know whether you understand the medical plan and what is expected of you
  • Arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled appointments and informing us at least 24 hours before any appointment you may have to miss
  • Following the facility’s rules and regulations, including no-tobacco rules and parking regulations

Complete written policies and procedures regarding Martin’s Point Health Care services, including after-hours and emergency coverage, the patient grievance system, payment policies and fee schedules, treatment of unemancipated minors, and patients’ rights and responsibilities, are available at all Martin’s Point Health Care Centers.

Download Patient Rights and Responsibilities. (PDF)