Flu Vaccine Information

We want to keep you healthy…let us arm you against the flu.

A flu shot is critical to keep your immune system strong and to protect yourself from the flu virus. The flu shot not only reduces your risk of illness but can prevent hospitalizations and deaths.

Early prevention is your best defense.

Flu season begins in the early fall and ends in the spring, peaking between December and February. It’s best to get vaccinated before flu season starts. For more information on flu vaccine coverage for Martin's Point health plan members and offerings for patients, refer to plan-specific and health care center resources.

Martin's Point Flu Vaccine Clinic

Martin's Point patients may use the MyMartin’sPoint®️ patient portal or call their provider to schedule a Flu Vaccine Clinic appointment.

Please note that these are not walk-in clinics and are by appointment only.


Who should get a flu shot:
  • All healthy adults, especially those 65 years of age and older.
  • All children, 6 months of age and older.
  • Pregnant women
  • Health care workers
  • People with asthma, heart disease, diabetes, or weakened immune systems
  • Caregivers of children under 5 years old

Who should NOT get a flu shot:
  • Infants younger than 6 months of age
  • Anyone with an egg allergy should consult their health care provider before receiving the flu vaccine
  • Anyone who has had a severe reaction to the flu vaccine in the past
  • Anyone who currently has a moderate or severe illness or fever. Research shows very mild illness shouldn’t impact the flu vaccine.


This flu season, Martin's Point Health Care Centers will use the Flublok®️ Quadrivalent vaccine for patients aged 18+. Flublok®️ Quadrivalent is a higher-dose influenza vaccine offering three times the virus protection of a standard-dose influenza vaccine and protects against four influenza strains. This vaccine contains no egg proteins, antibiotics, or preservatives.

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