Portland Wheelers “Come to Us” Program at Martin’s Point

Posted 06/10/22
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There’s little better than enjoying a relaxing bike ride on a beautiful Maine day, and Portland Wheelers offers just that experience for many who would otherwise not have that opportunity. Volunteers with this local nonprofit provide adapted-bike rides for people of all ages with physical and intellectual disabilities who are not able to ride a bike on their own (called “wheelers”), getting them outdoors for therapeutic socialization, adventure, and fun.

There are no age limitations for wheelers and they don’t need to be physically mobile nor have advanced cognitive skills to participate. Many live in residential facilities or attend day programs that partner with Portland Wheelers where volunteers bring the adapted trikes. Others may live at home and can participate in the “Come to Us” program where volunteers bring the trikes to convenient locations where wheelers and their families or caregivers can meet to join scenic rides. Learn more about Portland Wheelers.

Adaptive Equipment Makes Outdoor Fun Possible

Ideally, wheelers have enough upper body strength to sit up for the duration of a short ride. Wheelers can seat themselves or can be assisted by caregivers or family members to transfer onto the trike. Mechanical lifts can also be used to transfer an individual onto a trike. The front half of the trike can detach and serve as a free-standing wheelchair. This can be wheeled to a location where a mechanical lift transfers a wheeler into the seat. The wheelchair is then reattached to the trike. Various portable medical devices that may need to accompany the wheeler can be strapped onto the trikes. Once the wheeler is secure and comfortable in their seat, the safety helmet is donned, and the fun begins! Learn more about Portland Wheeler trikes.

Portland Wheelers and Martin’s Point

Martin’s Point has supported the operations and growth of Portland Wheelers for several years through employee volunteerism and monetary donations—promoting access to outdoor activity and human connection that contributes to participants’ mental and physical well-being.

This summer and fall, the Martin’s Point Health Care campus on Veranda Street in Portland will be a designated “Come to Us” program site open to individuals who may be living at home or not at one of the Portland Wheeler ride partner facilities. Participating wheelers ride as a pod with at least two volunteers. Families and friends assist the wheeler with transferring to and from the trikes and are encouraged to bring a bike and ride along!

2022 Come To Us Ride Schedule

Come to Us ride sessions are scheduled on mornings or afternoons on Saturdays from June to October. Morning-scheduled rides are at 10am and 11am. Afternoon-scheduled rides are at 1pm and 2pm.

Scheduled ride sessions alternate among three locations:

  • Martin’s Point Health Care at 331 Veranda Street, Portland
  • Wainwright Field Sports Complex at 125 Gary L Maietta Way, South Portland
  • Cyclemania Bike Shop at 65 Cove Street, Portland

The schedule for rides originating from Martin’s Point Health Care is listed below. For a full schedule of all rides from all locations, visit the 2022 Come to Us Ride Schedule.

  • June 18, 2022: Afternoon
  • July 16, 2022: Morning
  • August 6, 2022: Afternoon
  • August 27, 2022:  Morning
  • September 24, 2022: Afternoon

Use our Contact Us form or call 207-400-9370 to learn more or to schedule a ride.