A Guide for Military Beneficiaries

Combine Medicare with your military health benefits for the best coverage and savings.

Learn how the Martin’s Point Generations Advantage Alliance (HMO)  plan may be the best choice for your health and your budget!

Save thousands with extra benefits not found on other Medicare plans and extras beyond Original Medicare Parts A and B, including:

  • $0 Monthly Plan Premium
  • Savings on Medicare Part B premium: $50/month buyback ($600 annual savings)
  • Coverage while you travel with worldwide emergency and urgent care
  • Routine chiropractic care covered with low copay
  • Martin’s Point top-rated Member Services team
  • Supplemental Benefits— over $4,000 annual savings!

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Learn more about Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans for military beneficiaries just like you!

Military mother and son

Have questions? We’re here to help.

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