Qualifying Life Events

Good news! If you missed TRICARE® Open Season, you can still enroll in the Martin's Point US Family Health Plan with a Qualifying Life Event.

Qualifying Life Events (or QLEs) are certain changes in your or a family member’s life, such as marriage, birth of a child, or retirement from active duty, which allow you to make some changes to your TRICARE® enrollment or coverage. QLEs open a 90-day period for you to make eligible changes. 

A QLE for one family member allows all family members to make one of the following changes:
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If you want to make a change to your health plan, you must make any eligible changes within 90 days of the Qualifying Life Event.

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If you're eligible for TRICARE® but not enrolled in a TRICARE® plan, you have 90 days from the Qualifying Life Event to enroll.

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If you remain eligible for your current health plan and want to keep the same plan/coverage after a Qualifying Life Event, you can.

If you're enrolled in TRICARE® Prime, you can switch to Martin's Point US Family Health Plan AT ANY TIME.


change sponsor iconChange in Military Status

Status changes include retiring from active duty, separating from active duty, and activation or deactivation of your enlistment status.

change sponsor iconChange in Eligibility Status

This includes cases where both parents are sponsors and there is a change in eligibility status for either family member.

change sponsor iconGovernment-Directed Changes

If there was a change in the government-directed primary care manager or health plan.

change sponsor iconFamily Changes

Family changes such as marriage, divorce or annulment, birth or adoption of a child, placement of a child by a court in a member’s home, children becoming adults, a death in family, etc.

change sponsor iconMoving / Relocation

Domestic and international relocation events including a new address, country, city, region, or zip of residence. This also applies to a child moving away to college.

change sponsor iconGaining or Losing Other Health Insurance

If you gained or lost employer-sponsored health insurance, Medicare entitlements, or Medicaid entitlements.

Interested in learning more about QLEs?

For detailed information about Qualifying Life Events, download TRICARE®'s QLE Fact Sheet:

Experiencing a QLE? Switch and Save with the Martin's Point US Family Health Plan!

If you have experienced a QLE and are looking to change your plan, choose an option that protects your health and your budget—the Martin's Point US Family Health Plan, a TRICARE® Prime option with extras, including:

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Exclusive Extras

Valuable discounts on eyewear, hearing, gym memberships, and more!

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Wide Choice of Local
Civilian Providers

Get no/low cost in-network care with option for out-of-network choice.

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$0/Low Enrollment
Fees & Copays*

You could save hundreds on hospitalizations and other services.*

*Savings depends on military status, current plan, and benefit usage. TRICARE® is a registered trademark of the Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency. All rights reserved.

If you have not experienced a QLE
, you can typically only enroll or change your plan during TRICARE® Open Season, which occurs each fall during November and December. However, if you're currently on TRICARE® Prime, you can switch to the US Family Health Plan today—or at any time!


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