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  • US Family Health Plan eNews 2023: Issue 4

    In this 2023 edition:
    • Flu Season Is Here
    • Diabetes and Respiratory Health and Wellness Resources
    • It’s Time to Try the Member Portal!
    • and more!


  • US Family Health Plan eNews 2023: Issue 3

    In this 2023 edition:
    • Understanding Referrals and The Point of Service (POS) Option
    • National Immunization Awareness Month
    • Sore Throats Antibiotics aren’t always the right treatment!
    • and more explore!


  • US Family Health Plan eNews 2023: Issue 2

    In this 2023 edition:
    • High Blood Pressure Basics.
    • Living with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?
    • Health and Wellness Resources Are Just a Click Away.
    • and more explore!


  • US Family Health Plan eNews 2023: Issue 1

    In this 2023 edition:
    • Discussing suicide openly can be a life saving action.
    • Prevent health issues proactively.
    • Boosting heart health.
    • and more explore!


  • US Family Health Plan eNews 2022: Issue 4

    In this 2022 edition:
    • USFHP has earned 5 stars!
    • Importance of getting a flu shot.
    • Sharing tips for overcoming suicidal thoughts.
    • Don't miss out!


  • US Family Health Plan eNews 2022: Issue 3

    In this 2022 edition:
    • 5 essential steps to control your blood pressure.
    • August is National Immunization Awareness Month.
    • TRICARE ends COVID national emergency.
    • Stay informed an take control of your health!


  • Helping Men Make Mental Health a Priority

    Mental health is a concern many Americans, regardless of age, gender, or economic status. For men, it’s a particular challenge.


  • Helping Kids Cope with Summer Camp Anxiety

    With summer camp season fast approaching, you may be fondly picturing Marco Polo games, rock painting, and breezy picnics. But your child might have a different vision


  • Portland’s Newest Pro Team is About More Than World-Class Sport

    Portland Rising, Maine’s first women’s professional ultimate frisbee team, with a mission that goes beyond the field.


  • US Family Health Plan eNews 2022 Issue 2

    In this 2022 edition:
    • Book Your Medical Appointments Now!
    • Control Blood Pressure with At-Home Monitoring
    • Keep Your Military ID and DEERS Information Up to Date
    • and more!