Wellness Wallet

Use Your Wellness Wallet to Stay Fit and Well!

Your flexible Wellness Wallet benefit reimburses up to your plan’s annual amount for a wide range of eligible gear, fees, and services that help keep you moving, indoors and out! Learn more about all the items and services reimbursable through your Wellness Wallet and how to request a reimbursement below.

  1. Wellness Wallet Reimbursement Forms
  2. Wellness Wallet Amounts and List of Reimbursable Items/Services
  3. How to Use Your Wellness Wallet Benefit
  4. Wellness Wallet FAQs

Wellness Wallet Reimbursement Form

2022 Wellness Wallet Reimbursement Form (PDF)

This form is for any services covered under your 2022 Wellness Wallet reimbursement benefit. To be eligible for payment, the date of service or purchase must be in 2022 and you must submit your claim by March 31, 2023.

Wellness Wallet Amounts and List of Reimbursable Items/Services

Reimbursable Amounts per Plan

Your Wellness Wallet reimburses up to your plan’s annual amount for the items/services listed below. Please note that other items/services used for physical activity may be reimbursable. If you’d like to find out if a nonlisted item/service used for physical activity is reimbursable, please call Member Services.

Plan Name 2021 Maximum Reimbursement Amount 2022 Maximum Reimbursement Amount 
Prime (HMO POS) Up to $400/Year Up to $400/Year
Flex (RPPO) Up to $200/Year Up to $200/Year
Select (LPPO) Up to $200/Year Up to $200/Year
Alliance (HMO) Up to $350/Year Up to $450/Year
Value Plus (HMO) Up to $300/Year Up to $300/Year
Focus DC (HMO SNP) Up to $450/Year Up to $450/Year

Covered Items (include, but are not limited to, the following)*:

Membership Fees and Day/Season Passes: 

  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Sport club
  • Sport league
  • Mini-golf
  • Skiing
  • Pool
  • YMCA
  • Squash Club


  • Dance
  • Horseback riding
  • Martial Arts
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Online fitness
  • Kayak lessons
  • Ski lessons
  • Equipment


  • Bicycles (standard and power-assist)
  • Bicycle helmet
  • Fishing rods/tackle
  • Fitness sneakers
  • Hiking/winter boots
  • Kayak/canoe
  • Crampons for footwear (microspikes, Yaktrax, etc.)
  • Skis
  • Walking/hiking poles
  • Water-reservoir backpacks, water reservoirs
  • Wearable fitness tracker (including Apple Watch and other smart watches)
  • Wet suit


  • Athletic tape
  • Braces worn while working out (back, wrist, ankle)
  • Safety lights (that attach to bikes, helmets, or on person)
  • Reflective safety wear
  • Bicycle repair
  • Exercise equipment repair 


  • Prescription lenses
  • Frames
  • Contact Lenses
    Note: Alliance (HMO) plan members cannot use Wellness Wallet benefits for eyewear. Alliance plan members please use this form for your separate eyewear allowance. Member Reimbursement Request for Medical Services.



  • Personal trainer at a facility
  • Workout videos/streaming. apps and subscriptions


  • Nutrition/dietary classes
  • Nutrition/dietary counseling
  • Weight management program
  • Weight Watchers (food not reimbursable)


  • Masks must be purchased through a website, retail store, or Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider. Includes:
    • Cloth masks
    • Surgical masks (limit 50 per month).
    • KN94-style and KN95-style  masks with a purchase date of 1/1/22 or later (limit 50 per month)
    • N95-style masks with a purchase date of 1/14/22 or later (limit 50 per month)
    • Exclusions: Homemade cloth mask supplies.

Non-Reimbursable Items/Services:

  • Personal trainer within the home
  • Cell phones
  • Gift cards
  • Home pools/cleaning services
  • EKGs
  • TENS units
  • Exercise clothes (for example. t-shirts, shorts, etc.)
  • Massage therapy
  • Inversion tables
  • Hypnotherapy and homeopathy
  • Food/Meal programs

*THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST. If you have any questions about coverage for an item/service not listed, before making a purchase we encourage you to call Generations Advantage Member Services at 1-866-544-7504 to confirm coverage.

How to Use Your Wellness Wallet Benefit

Step 1: Check to make sure the item/service you want to purchase qualifies for reimbursement. If you don’t see it on the list above, please call Member Services. Other items used for physical activity may qualify for reimbursement!

Step 2: Purchase your qualifying items and make a copy of your itemized receipt and proof of payment.

Step 3: Download and print the Wellness Wallet Member Reimbursement Form

Download the PDF

Step 4: Mail completed reimbursement forms with itemized receipts and proof of purchase to:

Martin’s Point Generations Advantage Claims Department
PO Box 11410
Portland, ME 04104-9863

Step 5: Be on the look out for this envelope in your mailbox.

We’ll process your request and get a check out to you within 4-6 weeks. 

Wellness Wallet FAQs

Q: Where can I purchase fitness equipment?

A: You can purchase equipment from any licensed retail establishment. We will not approve reimbursement for fitness equipment that has been purchased from a nonretail source (example: yard sale or Craigslist). The safety of our members is important and we want to ensure there is no risk of injury from noncertified equipment. If members are seeking to save on the costs or prefer to purchase second-hand equipment, there are a number of retailers—such as Play-it-Again Sports—that offer used equipment that has been checked for proper function and safety.

Q: Will the Wellness Wallet cover Silver Sneakers® reimbursement?

A: No. However, we cover a number of items and services comparable to SilverSneakers. New for 2021 the following classes, fees or memberships are now eligible for reimbursement under your Generations Advantage Plan Wellness Wallet benefit. See your individual plan page for your yearly reimbursement amount.

  • Exercise Classes such as Martial Arts, Dance Classes and Yoga Classes, etc.
  • Club/Team/Lesson fees such as Golf Course Fees, Cycling Club fees, Squash Club Fees, Horseback Riding, etc.
  • Pickleball
  • Pool or YMCA membership fees
  • Fitness club/Gym membership fees
  • Personal trainer fees at a facility

Q: Will any nutritional/dietary program be eligible for reimbursement?

A: Any individual or group education and counseling is eligible for reimbursement, as long as the services are provided by licensed or certified practitioners furnishing services within the scope of their license or certificate.

Q: Will the Wellness Wallet cover NutriSystem® or other meal programs?

A: Per Medicare guidelines, only weight management programs, such as Weight Watchers®—that include weekly structured lessons with regular feedback and monitoring tailored to individual goals qualify. We cannot cover any food for reimbursement.

Q: If I enroll in my Generations Advantage plan mid-year, do I still receive the entire Wellness Wallet benefit amount?

A: Yes! You receive the entire Wellness Wallet amount that is offered under your Generations Advantage plan even if you join the plan mid-year. As a reminder, dates for received services or purchased items must be within the current plan year in order to be reimbursed under that year's Wellness Wallet benefit. (See next FAQ for details on gym memberships.)

Q: Will my Wellness Wallet cover a gym membership than spans into the following year?

A: If you pay for a gym membership that spans months in 2021 and 2022 (for example, a full year membership from July 2021 through June 2022), you will be reimbursed for the entire amount of the membership, up to your 2021 Wellness Wallet dollar limit. If you are still a member of a plan with the Wellness Wallet benefit in 2022, you may resubmit the remaining amount at that time.

Q: Can I be reimbursed for shipping and/or assembly fees?

A: Yes! Under your Wellness Wallet benefit, the costs of taxes, shipping, delivery and assembly can be reimbursed.

Q: What happens if I place an order, but my payment isn’t processed until a later date?

A: If you place an order for an item, but payment is not taken until a later date, the date you placed the order is considered the date of purchase so long as your receipt shows the date you placed the order.  For example, if you place an order for an item on 12/31 but payment is not taken from your account until 1/1, your purchase date would be considered 12/31 provided that your receipt lists the 12/31order date.

If you are not sure whether your expense is eligible for reimbursement, please call Martin's Point Generations Advantage Member Services at 1-866-544-7504.

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