About Martin's Point

Martin’s Point Health Care is a not-for-profit organization serving our community’s health care needs with the highest-quality care and coverage. 

As an organization providing both direct health care services and health insurance plans, we are uniquely positioned to fulfill our mission to create a healthier community through authentic relationships built on trust.

Older woman walking with her nurse

Bringing Our Mission to Life Every Day

Our focus on care management, prevention, access, education, and quality is creating real, positive change in our communities.

A Legacy of Care and Service

Our story began in 1858, and today we continue our rich history of serving our community with the highest-quality care and coverage. 

Dedicated, Active Leaders Invested in Health Care

Our executive management and board of directors are innovative leaders in their fields, all with a deep commitment to promoting the health and well-being of our greater community.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Our employees are a close-knit group working together to encourages trust, care, collaboration, and growth in the community.
Smiling Martins Point employees

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