Provider Portal Role: Local Administrator

The portal makes it easy for local administrators to manage their organization's user accounts and online access.

The Local Administrator role in the Martin's Point Health Care Provider Portal is a critical role responsible for managing user access, creating access lists for other users, creating new user accounts, and resetting user passwords.

This role is vital to the efficient and secure operation of the Provider Portal, as it reduces the reliance on Martin's Point Health Care for user management.

We recommend assigning at least two Local Administrators for each Tax ID to save time and ensure seamless user management.


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Responsibilities for our Local Administrators include:

number one icon Access List Management 
  • Create access lists as needed for different groups of users (e.g., billing, administrative, clinical).
  • Assign users to the appropriate access lists to grant them specific permissions.
  • Regularly review and update access lists to ensure they align with your organization's needs.
number one icon User Account Management 
  • Create new users
  • Remove users
  • Assign the user to one or more access lists, as necessary.
  • Set the user's role and permissions (e.g., office manager, claims, authorization staff).

number one icon Password Reset 
  • Easily reset and communicate the new password to the user and encourage them to change it upon their next login.

Important Notes

  • It is crucial to keep user access lists and permissions up to date to ensure data security and compliance.
  • Local Administrators play a vital role in delegating user management tasks and reducing reliance on Martin's Point Health Care for routine administrative tasks.
  • Regularly review and update user accounts and access lists to reflect changes in your organization's structure and staff.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of user information and follow best practices for user management and data security.

By having Local Administrators who can create access lists, manage user accounts, and reset passwords, your organization can streamline its operations and reduce delays caused by external user management. This not only saves time but also empowers your organization to have more control over its user access management within the Provider Portal.

 Please contact your local administrator for Portal access or call 1-888-732-7364 for assistance identifying your local administrator.

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