Masking Policy Update: Starting May 11, 2023, face masks are only required at our Health Care Centers for those with symptoms of COVID-19 or who have tested positive within the past five days.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

We’re here for you, as always.

On Friday, May 5, 2023, the World Health Organization ended the global-emergency status of the COVID-19 pandemic and, as of May 11, 2023, the U.S. federal Public Health Emergency ends. Worldwide vaccination efforts coupled with widespread personal protections have created a sufficient level of population immunity to allow us to relax the strict safety measures in place during the pandemic.

Thank you to all our patients and health plan members for doing your part over the past three years to protect the health and safety of our community!

As we know, COVID-19 infections will still occur and, like seasonal flu, will require us to continue taking common-sense safety precautions and staying up to date with vaccines and boosters. As always, Martin’s Point will be here to support you and our community to remain as safe and healthy as possible going forward. 

You can find additional information and updates below.

  1. Vaccines and Boosters
  2. COVID-19 Testing
  3. Heath and Safety
  4. For Generations Advantage Members
  5. For US Family Health Plan Members
  6. For Network Providers

Updated 5/9/2023


Staying Up to Date with Vaccines and Boosters

All people aged six months or older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Being up to date with vaccines and boosters can mean different things for different people, varying by age and/or health conditions. For the most complete and current guidance on vaccine and booster recommendations, visit the Stay Up to Date page on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

You can find additional vaccine information by visiting the CDC website’s Vaccines for COVID-19 page.


Initial Vaccine/Boosters: Martin’s Point patients aged 6 months and above may receive their initial vaccine or booster (if medically appropriate) at any regular visit with their provider. You can also find vaccine sites for Maine residents at Maine CDC Vaccination Site list or for New Hampshire residents at the New Hampshire COVID Vaccine page

Note: We encourage you to visit your MyMartinsPoint® patient portal as an alternative way to reach your provider, request an appointment, and view lab results. Patients with a MyMartinsPoint portal account may also access their health information and more by downloading the athenaPatient app on their mobile device or tablet.


There is no cost to vaccine recipients regardless of medical insurance status. If you do have medical insurance, please bring your insurance card with you. If you use an Epi-pen, please bring it to your vaccine appointment. Please check with your insurance carrier for most current coverage.

Medicare-eligible patients should bring their red, white, and blue Medicare card. Martin's Point Generations Advantage members please bring your membership card.

Do you HAVE COVID-19 SYMPTOMS OR have you had DIRECT EXPOSURE (more than 15 minutes over 24 hours with or without a mask) with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last five days?

If so, we recommend you do an at-home COVID-19 test and follow current CDC directions if you test positive.

If your symptoms require an office visit, please call or contact your provider through the MyMartinsPoint patient portal/athenaPatient app to schedule an appointment.

Masking Policy Update: Starting May 11, masks that cover the nose and mouth will only be required at our Health Care Centers for those experiencing symptoms,  or who have tested positive for COVID-19  within the past 5 days. For all others, masks will be optional. Please let us know if you would like your care team to wear masks during your visit. Thank you for doing your part to care for our community.


Generations Advantage Plan Members: COVID-19 Resources for Generations Advantage Members

As providers of frontline health care ourselves, all of us at Martin’s Point deeply appreciate your extraordinary work to keep our communities as safe and healthy as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below you’ll find a helpful FAQ document with pandemic-related administrative guidance, including billing guidelines, testing, and benefit changes implemented during this time.

Please contact our Provider Inquiry team at  888-732-7364 if you need further assistance.