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  • The Advantage | ISSUE 1 | 2024

    In this edition:
    • Breast and Colorectal Cancer Screenings
    • New $0 Drug Tier for Some Plans
    • Take Advantage of Your Extra Benefits
    • NEW! Online Wellness Wallet Reimbursements


  • Free Nutrition Coaching for Members

    This American Heart Month, schedule a FREE, 1-hour nutrition coaching visit that's paid for by your health plan, and get extra support for better heart health.


  • Understanding Medicare: Get the Care You Need, Wherever You Are

    We’d like to dispel some common myths about so-called out-of-network coverage, so you have the facts you need to choose the best health plan for your needs.


  • Confused about Medicare? Start here.

    If you’re finding it challenging to navigate Medicare, you’re not alone. We begin with an overview of Medicare and a look at your choices.


  • Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements – What’s the Difference?

    There are two ways to improve Original Medicare. We’ll take a close look at both options.


  • The Advantage | ISSUE 3 | 2023

    In this edition:
    • Statins with Diabetes for Better Cardiovascular Health
    • Bone-Density Scans—Detect Your Risk for Fractures
    • Falls, Incontinence, and Staying Active—Talk with Your Doctor!
    • Your Mental and Physical Health—Find Helpful Community
    • And more!


  • The Advantage | ISSUE 2 | 2023

    In this edition:
    • Facing a Common Challenge Together
    • Update Your Contact and Provider Information
    • Good Health Care Is More than Sick Care
    • Emergency Room Visit or Hospital Stay?


  • The Advantage | ISSUE 1 | 2023

    In this edition:
    • Protect Your Health with Preventive Screenings
    • Insulin and Part D Vaccine Savings
    • How to Talk about Suicide
    • Take Advantage of Your Extra Benefits


  • The Advantage | ISSUE 4 | 2022

    In this edition:
    • 5 Stars Earned in Maine and New Hampshire for 2023!
    • Holiday Hosting on a Budget with Foodsmart™
    • Outpatient Surgery for Safety and Savings
    • Part D Formulary and Vaccine Savings


  • Martin's Point Plans Receive Five Star Rating for 2023

    Maine’s ONLY 5-Star HMO-style plans and New Hampshire's ONLY Medicare Advantage plans to earn Medicare's highest rating—5 out of 5 stars—for 2023.