Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine (CMTM)


Partnership Highlight

At the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, the stage is set for every child to imagine and learn through play. Martin’s Point Health Care proudly supports this mission, enhancing educational opportunities for children in our community.

Children's Museum and Theatre of Maine

Martin’s Point Health Care once again partnered with the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine (CTCM) with a year-over-year increased contribution enabling over 300 Portland Public Elementary School students to visit the museum in 2023 at no cost. The donation also funded the creation and successful piloting of three new guided programs—Meet the Turtles, Seed Launchers, and Animal Adaptations—dovetailing with school curriculum to enhance learning-through-play opportunities for these student groups and thousands more youngsters in the years ahead.


Did you know?

The new educational programs at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, supported by Martin’s Point, engage students with hands-on activities that integrate learning with fun, benefiting thousands of young learners annually.


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