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Information and resources for US Family Health Plan / TRICARE Young Adult Plan members.

Helping you manage your health coverage and plan benefits.

Find additional information on using your benefits, after-hours and emergency care, prescription and pharmacies, reimbursements, and other forms to help you make the most of your health plan.

Healthcare Support and Services

Discover Exclusive Discounts and Services for US Family Health Plan Members

Your Guide to Urgent and Emergency Health Services

When immediate medical attention is needed, choose the right care setting to ensure you get the help you need quickly and efficiently.

  • Emergency Room (ER): For life-threatening conditions, such as severe injuries or symptoms that could indicate a heart attack or stroke, the ER is your safest choice. Find an Hospital/Emergency Room near you.
  • Urgent Care Clinics and PCP: For less severe issues that still require prompt attention, like minor injuries or illnesses, your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or an urgent care clinic can provide fast, quality care at a lower cost. Find an Urgent Care clinic near you.


Vendor/Program: Martin’s Point Health Service Line (in partnership with SironaHealth for Nurse Line)

Our Health Coach and Nurse Line services provide ongoing support for all your health-related inquiries, available through a single, convenient phone number. Whether seeking wellness guidance from a Health Coach or needing medical advice from a Nurse, expert assistance is just a call away. 

Phone: 1-800-574-8494

  • Option #1: Health Coach - Connect with Health Coaches for personalized advice on managing health conditions, creating exercise plans, or lifestyle changes. Ideal for managing chronic conditions, developing fitness plans, or lifestyle counseling. Available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Health Coach Service (PDF)

  • Option #2: 24-Hour Nurse Line - Whether you need ongoing support for health management or immediate advice after hours, our Nurse Line is here to assist. Our registered nurses provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring you make informed decisions about your care.
    • Ongoing Support: Get answers and advice for managing non-life-threatening medical issues. Our nurses can help you understand symptoms, offer advice on health management, and guide you in maintaining your well-being.
    • After-Hours Decision Making: If you're unsure whether a condition requires an ER visit or can be managed at home, our nurses offer quick assessments and guidance. They can help you decide if you should seek urgent care or if it's safe to wait for a regular appointment.

When to Call:

  • Health Coach: For ongoing health management, wellness advice, and lifestyle support.
  • 24-Hour Nurse Line: For urgent health inquiries, medication questions, and immediate health guidance.

Value Added Services (PDF)

Care Management

As a Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan member, you are eligible to receive FREE, personalized care management. Sign up for a dedicated medical or behavioral health care manager who will help you succeed at leading a healthy, active, and full life. Our care managers can help you:

  • Manage your health care
  • Navigate your health plan
  • Understand medications
  • Find community support and resources

We want to help you live the healthiest life possible. Get started by calling a Martin’s Point care manager at 1-877-659-2403 or visit our Health Services page for more details.

Martin’s Point care management programs are entirely voluntary. You can choose not to participate or to stop participating in the program at any time. If you have immediate concerns regarding your health, please contact your doctor. Always consult your health care provider before making any lifestyle changes. Only your doctor can diagnose and treat a medical condition.

Vendor/Program: EyeMed Vision Care

Unlock up to 35% off retail prices on eyewear through EyeMed Vision Care. Remember, this is a discount offer, not a plan, so you won't find your name on EyeMed's list. Use the website for the best experience. Here’s how to access your discounts:

  1. Visit the EyeMed Vision Care Discount Plans Page.

For assistance or if you prefer in-person service, most LensCrafters and Target Optical centers accept the EyeMed Discount. Ensure your location offers this discount by contacting them directly.

Value Added Services (PDF)

Vendor/Program: WholeHealth Living Choices by Tivity

Explore a variety of complementary and alternative medical treatments with discounts ranging from 10–30%. These services include gym memberships, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, and more. To access these discounts:

  1. Register online at WholeHealth Choices.
  2. Specify “WholeHealth Living Choices Discount Program” when calling 1-800-274-7526 for assistance in registration (discounts not available over the phone).

Vendor/Program: WholeHealth Living Choices by Tivity

Stay active and healthy with discounts at participating fitness centers, a benefit made possible through our partnership with WholeHealth Living Choices. Whether you're looking for gym memberships or special fitness programs, you can access a range of offers including:

  • Waived enrollment fees.
  • Reduced monthly membership rates.
  • Exclusive deals tailored to our members.

Accessing Your Discounts:

  1. Begin by visiting WholeHealth Fitness to explore available fitness center offers.
  2. For detailed information and to find participating fitness centers near you, register online. While offers vary by location, they are designed to suit diverse fitness needs.
  3. If you need assistance with registration or finding the right fitness center, call 1-800-274-7526 and mention “WholeHealth Living Choices Discount Program”.

Value Added Services (PDF)

Vendor/Program: Amplifon

Receive significant discounts on hearing aids and batteries through Amplifon. It's important to get hearing tests and related medical services from a US Family Health Plan network provider. For discounts:

  1. Visit Amplifon's website or call 1-888-486-8861.
  2. Ensure to mention your affiliation with the US Family Health Plan for the discount.

Value Added Services (PDF)

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Additional information about behavioral health resources and care management programs can be found here:

Mental Health & Martin's Point
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Important Documents and Forms

Essential Resources at Your Fingertips

First Steps for Enrollees (PDF)

Begin your journey with US Family Health Plan – understand your first steps as a new enrollee.

USFHP Mail Order Pharmacy: Prescription Setup & Payment Guide (PDF)

Effortlessly initiate and manage your USFHP Mail Order Pharmacy deliveries. Keep your prescriptions current and handle payments smoothly from home.

Health Plan Member Rights and Responsibilities Statement (PDF)

Know your rights and responsibilities as a US Family Health Plan member for a better healthcare experience.

US Family Health Plan | 2024 Member Handbook (PDF)

Access your comprehensive guide to benefits, services, and policies as a 2024 US Family Health Plan member.

US Family Health Plan | Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)

Understand how your health information is used, disclosed, and protected with Martin’s Point Health Care's Privacy Notice.

Health Coach Service (PDF)

Discover how our Health Coach Service can support your health goals and improve your wellbeing.

Authorization to Release Information Form (PDF)

Permission to allow Martin's Point to discuss my health care or payment with my designated representative

What did I just sign up for? | Post Enrollment Checklist (PDF)

Ensure you're fully prepared after enrollment with our comprehensive Post Enrollment Checklist.

Value Added Services (PDF)

Explore a range of exclusive health and wellness discounts available to you as a valued member with our Value-Added Services.

Welcome Kit

USFHP Summary Of Benefits 2024 | For Active-Duty Families & Medicare Part B Retirees (PDF)

Discover the extensive health care benefits available for active-duty family members and retirees with Medicare Part B in 2024, ensuring comprehensive coverage without co-payments for essential services.

USFHP Summary Of Benefits 2024 | For Retirees, Survivors, Families & TRICARE Young Adult (PDF)

Explore your comprehensive 2024 health benefits designed for retirees, survivors, and families under USFHP. Find out about your coverage, cost-sharing details, and available services to ensure your health needs are met

Summary of Benefits 2024

Enrollment Forms

TRICARE Prime Enrollment Application (PDF)

Apply for TRICARE Prime coverage, ensuring eligibility and selecting a network doctor, and complete the application with necessary insurance details.

TRICARE Young Adult Prime Application (PDF)

Extend TRICARE coverage for young adults up to age 26 with this application, which includes options for initial and recurring premium payments.

Payment Forms

Electronic Payment Authorization Form (PDF)

Set up automatic payments for your healthcare plan with options for annual, quarterly, or monthly deductions via EFT or credit card.

Enrollment Fee Allotment Authorization Form (PDF)

Authorize your TRICARE Prime enrollment fee allotment from your military retirement pay or make an initial payment via this form.

USFHP Mail Order Pharmacy: Prescription Setup & Payment Guide (PDF)

Kickstart your prescription service with our Mail Order Pharmacy. Ensure your medication is always up to date and streamline your payment process for a hassle-free experience.

Claims and Reimbursements

Attestation of Referral for POS Claims Adjustment (PDF)

Learn how to ensure your specialty care referrals are attested for claim adjustments under the TRICARE Prime benefit.

Caremark Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form (PDF)

For claiming reimbursements on prescriptions filled outside the mail-order service.

Medical Reimbursement Request Form (PDF)

Request a refund for out-of-pocket medical expenses by filling out and returning this reimbursement form.

Travel Reimbursement Voucher (PDF)

Get compensated for travel expenses related to medical care by submitting this travel voucher form.

Policies and Programs

US Family Health Plan | Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)

Learn how your personal health information is used and kept secure with our Privacy Practices notice.

Quality Program Summary (PDF)

Learn about our commitment to healthcare quality and member satisfaction with this program summary.

Health Coach Service (PDF)

Discover how our Health Coach Service can support your health goals and improve your wellbeing.

Preventive Care and Wellness

Pediatric Preventive Care Checklist (PDF)

Stay on top of your child’s health screenings and vaccinations with this easy-to-follow preventive care checklist.

Preventive Care Checklist (PDF)

Optimize your health with our single-sheet guide, featuring a Preventative Care Checklist, Medication Tracker, and practical medication tips for informed discussions with your doctor.

Healthcare Management

Authorization and Appointment of Representative for TRICARE Appeal (PDF)

Facilitate your appeal process by authorizing the disclosure of necessary health information with this form.

Permission to Allow Martin's Point to Discuss My Health Care or Payment with My Designated Representative (PDF)

Control how your health information is shared by authorizing with this simple consent form.

Planning and Guidance

Turning 65 Guide (PDF)

Discover the benefits and steps to take as you approach 65 with this helpful guide.

US Family Health Plan Out of Area Coverage (PDF)

Understand your health plan coverage when traveling or living away from home with this detailed outline.

What did I just sign up for? | Post Enrollment Checklist (PDF)

Ensure you're fully prepared after enrollment with our comprehensive Post Enrollment Checklist.

Pharmacy Services

Martin's Point USFHP Mail Order Pharmacy Form (PDF)

Set up and manage your medication deliveries with ease through our USFHP Mail Order Pharmacy services. Ensure your prescriptions are up-to-date and submit payments conveniently, all from the comfort of your home.

Mail Order Pharmacy Quickstart Guide (PDF)

A guide for initiating Martin's Point mail-order pharmacy services.

Caremark Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form (PDF)

For claiming reimbursements on prescriptions filled outside the mail-order service.

Address Management

Martin's Point Alternate Address Form (PDF)

To specify an alternate address for prescription deliveries.

Latest Health Plan Updates

Stay Informed About Your Health and Plan Benefits

TRICARE® covers COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots for members of the US Family Health Plan. As a TRICARE Prime® plan, the US Family Health Plan follows TRICARE benefits for COVID-19-related services.

For additional coverage information please see our COVID-19 Resources for US Family Health Plan Members.