Care Management

Care Management Services

Martin’s Point offers the following care management activities:

Chronic Care Management/Disease Specific Management

Members work with a nurse care manager to better understand their chronic and complex medical conditions, ensure coordination with community providers, improve adherence to treatment plans, manage medications, receive support and advocacy, set goals to improve self-management skills, and connect with community resources.

Transitions of Care

Members can work with a care manager after transitioning home from an inpatient setting. The care manager will review the discharge plan, provide patient education, review of signs and symptoms of an exacerbation, complete a medication reconciliation, assist with coordinating services or obtaining needed medical equipment, and confirm follow-up appointments with providers and connection with community resources. Transitions of care outreach is available for members discharged from both medical and behavioral health inpatient stays.

Behavioral Health

Members with either a mental health or substance use diagnosis can work with a social work care manager who provides support and advocacy, patient education, collaboration with providers or assistance finding therapy or rehabilitation services, connection with community resources, and uses motivational interviewing techniques to drive behavior change and improve self-management skills.


Members can work with a nurse care manager to receive maternal health support and education during and after pregnancy to promote positive health outcomes for both mothers and newborns.

To refer a member to a care manager at Martin’s Point, visit our Forms and Documents page or call 1-877-659-2403


Health Management Resources

24/7 Nurse Advice Line

Health Plan members enjoy 24/7 access to trained nurses who can answer their health questions. This service is provided by CareNet in partnership with Martin’s Point. Members can call anytime with questions about symptoms, injuries, or illness. 

medicare icon

GA members can access the 24/7 Nurse Advice Line by calling 1-800-530-1021.

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USFHP members can access the 24/7 Nurse Advice Line by calling 1-800-574-8494.

Healthwise Knowledgebase

Healthwise Knowledgebase is an online resource that offers comprehensive health information to help our members make decisions about their health. Providers and members can access this resource here