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General information regarding the Martin's Point Generations Advantage and US Family Health Plan.


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Generations Advantage

Martin's Point Generations Advantage plans serve members in Maine and New Hampshire.

We offer five "Individual" Medicare Advantage plans.

  • Generations Advantage Prime (HMO-POS) offers complete medical, hospital, and Part D Prescription Drug coverage. Members can use in-network doctors and health service providers and pay low copayments for medical services. They also have the flexibility to go out-of-network for certain services with the Point of Service (POS) benefit.
  • Generations Advantage Select (LPPO) is designed for those looking for a health plan with more flexibility. Members can see out-of-network doctors for all covered medical services, though they pay less for in-network services.
  • Generations Advantage Value Plus (HMO) offers comprehensive in-network medical and hospital benefits and Part D Prescription Drug coverage.
  • Generations Advantage Alliance (HMO) offers comprehensive in-network medical and hospital benefits. Does not include Part D Prescription Drug coverage. This may be an excellent option for Medicare-eligible people who already have prescription drug coverage through TRICARE®, the VA, or an employer plan.
  • Generations Advantage Access (LPPO) offers wide choice and plan flexibility. Complete medical, hospital, and Part D Prescription Drug coverage. You can see out-of-network providers for all covered services, with the option to pay less if you see in-network providers.

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US Family Health Plan

The Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan is a unique TRICARE® Prime option available in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania.

This is a fully at-risk, managed-care health plan administered by Martin’s Point Health Care through a contract with the Department of Defense. Military retirees, their dependents, and active-duty family members are eligible to enroll in this plan.

The US Family Health Plan goes beyond traditional TRICARE Prime® benefits to offer excellent customer service and value-added benefits including discounts on eyewear, hearing aids, fitness memberships, and more. This plan has consistently earned high ratings for quality and member satisfaction. We are proud to provide our members the high-quality health care military families deserve.

Our Health Care Centers

Martin's Point cares for patients at our six Health Care Centers located in Southern Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We provide family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, ob-gyn, integrative medicine, osteopathic manipulation, sports medicine, cardiology, and more.

Some of our locations also have on-site pharmacies, labs, behavioral health services and radiology departments to help patients access these services more easily.



To learn more about Martin’s Point Health Care and our Medicare and TRICARE® health plans, please see our video below for an overview. 

You can also view our Provider Education Presentation (PDF) full of helpful information and resources designed just for our network providers.