You can now print your referrals and authorizations.
To access and print your letters, follow these steps:
Click on the small triangle in the left column to expand the letter details. Next, locate the line containing the word "Status" and click on it. This action will activate the "OPEN PDF" button. Once the "OPEN PDF" button turns blue, click on it to open your letter.
Please note that authorization letters from BHCP, eviCore, and Optum will not be available for viewing or printing in ProAuth. For these letters, you must log into their respective portals to access and print the authorizations they manage.

Authorizations and Referrals

Generations Advantage Part B Step Therapy: Drugs & Biologics Changes for January 1, 2024
  • Prior authorization is required for all Step Therapy drugs, preferred and non-preferred.*
  • *The only preferred drugs not requiring authorization are:
    • Synvisc®, Synvisc-One®, Orthovisc®, and Durolane®
    • Avastin® is preferred for ocular indications only and does not require authorization 

Authorization Instructions

Prior Authorization
  • For mental health/substance abuse services for Generations Advantage Plan members call BHCP at 1-800-708-4532.
  • For mental health/substance abuse services for US Family Health Plan members call BHCP at 1-888-812-7335.
  • Imaging Services for Generation Advantage members ONLY: eviCore manages authorizations for the following advanced imaging services:
  • For both Generations Advantage and US Family Health Plan members, prior authorization may be requested by the member's PCP or by the servicing provider/facility.
    • Prior authorization is not required for emergency care.
    • Prior authorization requests should be submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to the date of service or facility admission.
    • If the servicing provider is not part of the Martin’s Point network, we require a letter of medical necessity (including clinical
      documentation) explaining why the service(s) can only be provided by this specialist

USFHP Referral Instructions


As a TRICARE Prime® plan, US Family Health Plan members are required by TRICARE® to receive a referral from their PCP before seeing any other provider or specialist (exceptions include, but not limited to, allowance for self-referral for preventive and emergency care).

Effective October 1, 2023 and pursuant to new TRICARE reporting requirements, the Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan will require that referrals to other providers or specialists be submitted to the health plan. Specialists who are referring to another specialist will be required to submit a referral.

For more information, see the US Family Health Plan referral process FAQs.